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A sweet boost in fibre, antioxidants & nutrients for women on the go.

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natural cranberry products

Low production & stocking costs.

Full marketing & product support.

High demand with growing sales in Canada.

Freeze-Dried cranberries - Powder & Whole Berry

Two popular products with a new option coming soon!

powdered cranberry booster



30 packets in a box

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pile of dried whole cranberries

Whole Berries


30 berries per packet, 5 packets in a box

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Freeze-Dried & Powdered Cranberries

Canada loves cranberry product additives.

Cranberries are a super food with highly levels of antioxidants, vitamins and proanthocyanidins which effectively boosts daily health. Cranberries contain nutrients that help with urinary tract infections and can also benefit oral, digestion and immune systems.

cranberries are part of a healthy lifestyle

Health Benefits of Cranberries

Here is why customers are clamouring for cranberries!

dried cranberries in a bowl
  • Cranberries are antioxidant rich and they help your body fight off urinary tract infections (UTI).
  • They are low in calories and high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K.
  • They also contain proanthocyanins (PACs) that may help prevent a range of diseases.
  • Historically, they have been used by Native Americans as a treatment for bladder and kidney diseases.
  • The polyphenols in cranberries may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
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About Unicran

Unicran is a fabulous collection of cranberry products presented in unique, healthy, and natural forms.

Inspired by the trend of pursing a healthy lifestyle, Unicran dedicates to accomplish its mission of delivering “natural healthism”. Unicran sources Canadian cranberries of the highest quality and processes them through various technologies in order to retain as many nutrients as possible, without the use of artificial additives. To enhance customer experience, Unicran consistently concentrates on serving users with good tasting, convenient products.


Our Farms

We happily source our cranberries from farms in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Cranberries are grown in the lower Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island. Eighty growers located in BC, produce in excess of 750,000 barrels (1 barrel = 100 lbs) of cranberries annually, accounting for up to approximately 12% of the cranberry production in North America.

Unicran Distribution

Become a distributor for Unican's popular product line of cranberry additives.

Why become an Unicran Distributor?
With minimal overhead, fixed asset and marketing input, Unicran can help you to gain success in the health product business. We care about our business vendors and will provide you with the support you need, including marketing support such as regular social media promotion, health benefit education and new market analysis.

With a professional R&D team, Unicran helps you stay ahead of the competition.
Every Unicran product is supported by an abundance of academic studies and researches. We stress the significance of innovation, uniqueness and quality control from sourcing to manufacturing. Ultimately, Unicran delivers unique and best quality products as well as consumer targets to help you succeed.

Inventory and Stocking Fulfillment

  • Inventory and stock are readily available
  • Shipping costs are very low
  • Very long shelf life

Product Support

  • Friendly and helpful support from Unicran staff on all products
  • Telephone support to all distributors
  • Fully documented products
  • Marketing support

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Unicran by Maplebay Natural Products Inc.

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About Maple Bay Naturals: Unicran by Maple Bay Naturals is a collection of cranberry products presented in unique, healthy, and natural forms. All of our cranberry products are made from locally sourced Fraser Valley cranberry farms and have no artificial additives. Become a distributor of Unicran cranberry products today and support the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.